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At TiketPlex, we create unique social games that unite people around the world. Our mission is to give you exciting and exciting game worlds where you can make new friends, overcome trials together and have fun. We believe that games are more than just entertainment; they are a way to communicate, collaborate and develop.


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Star Burst – a revolution in the world of games

Star Burst: Explore, Build, Communicate

Star Burst is a unique space adventure created for those who dream of exploring distant galaxies and creating their own worlds. In this game you will become the captain of your spaceship, go on exciting journeys and meet new friends among the stars.

In Star Burst you will have the opportunity to explore many diverse planets, each of which is inhabited by unique creatures and has its own secrets. Make discoveries, complete missions and enrich your knowledge of the universe. Each of your decisions will affect the development of your game history and relationships with other players.

Star Burst is not just a game, but a social platform where you can find like-minded people, exchange ideas and create communities. Interaction with other players will help you solve complex problems and make the game even more exciting. Join our community and become part of a space saga that brings together people from all over the world.

Immerse yourself in the world of Star Burst and discover the endless expanses of space. Your adventure starts here!

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Each project we launch is developed taking into account the wishes and interests of our users. We listen carefully to the feedback and constantly improve our games so that they remain relevant and interesting for a wide audience. Our games do not contain in-app purchases, which makes them accessible and fair to all players.

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Continuous improvement of our games based on feedback and suggestions from users.

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Creating a friendly and safe environment for all players, without shopping or gambling.

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The opportunity to make new friends and participate in joint game projects.

Innovative Games

Development of unique social games with fascinating plots and interesting characters.

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“TiketPlex games are something incredible! They are not only fascinating, but also help to find new friends. Every time I find something new and interesting.”

Adrian Frost Graphic designer

“Star Burst is just amazing! The ability to explore space and interact with other players makes the game really unique. Thank you, TiketPlex!”

Shawn Kennedy Programmer

“I’m excited about the social aspects of TiketPlex games. Here you can not only play, but also communicate, which makes the process even more exciting and meaningful.”

Marion Fields Market analyst

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